Camping has certainly come a long way since I tucked my sleeping bag in the bed of my Grandpa’s pickup truck and slept under the stars! They are not all high quality or going to last a long time, however, the ones outlined below are definitely the better ones out of the many available. The good thing about camping is that there’s something for everyone and I’m happy you’ve discovered that for yourself. The continuous pole sleeve ensures an easy and quick setup every time, which is done in a mere 15 minutes. It is an affordable tent designed for warmer climates. You may unsubscribe at any time 20B Hereford Street, Brampton, ON L6Y 0M1, For one, it’s on the cheaper side which is always good, has more room to sleep and a large awning for staying dry when getting in and out of the tent. The separate screen room is a great way to be able to enjoy the outdoor while keep the bugs at bay. Part of a customizable connecting tent system, the 6-Person Connectable Tent can be used as a standalone or zipped to other compatible tents at 3 fully enclosed connection points in any configuration (additional 6-Person and 3-Person Connectable Tents sold separately). This tent normally retails for $210, but a … I mean, a little over $100 bucks makes it a no-brainer if you ask me and almost a steal. Only with Coleman’s FastPitch™ Shelters can you start your party in less than 5 minutes! With all the perks of the Coleman Steel Creek and the fact that it’s the most high value for money from Coleman, you can’t go wrong if you choose this tent. It’s not exactly lightweight but if you split the weight between you and your camping buddy you can make it work for you. In fact, it seems that Fast Pitch is a marketing term that was suggested by Coleman to market their models of instant tents. They are great for mountain camping and anywhere you’ll experience unpleasant weather conditions. Though I am not a camper, your review had given me a bird’s eye view of all the existing tents of Coleman by citing details and inclusion the cost. UCount rewards 22990. The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is much different than the tents above as this one is shaped like a cabin and not a dome. Wow! It’s packed with features not found on traditional tents. Wind resistance consists of a wind-responsive frame and guy-out triangles that anchor to the ground, making it stand like a “brick house” during heavy winds. A range of accessories are also available to maximise the use of your Blackwolf Turbo Tent. With 99.9% UV protection (up to 7x more protection than other shelters), our shelters also reduce the temperature by … You can compare up to 3 products. It features 2 large windows for outside viewing during the day and ground vents for extra ventilation. 79 Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System 4.3 out of 5 stars 278 Kyle Ann. Fast Pitch set-up includes pre-attached, color-coded poles with a hub plus fast fit feet Fast Pitch set-up system takes half the set-up time of a conventional Coleman tent Exclusive WeatherTec system … It has durable polyguard material and keeps the tent in working order for many seasons and even has enough room for 2 queen-sized air mattresses and storage pockets for keeping valuables safe. Part of a customizable connecting tent system, the 6-Person Connectable Tent can be used as a standalone or zipped to other compatible tents at 3 fully enclosed connection points in any configuration (additional 6-Person and … Water-resistance consists of Coleman’s special WeatherTec system, patented welded floors and inverted seams. 5 ft. 8 in. It ALSO has enough room for 2 queen-sized air mattresses and a screen porch area for bug-free lounging. Compare two items. This is one of the best reviews out there on Coleman’s tents. They’re one of the longest running, the most affordable and easily the most shaky. If you’re really worried, leave the dogs in the porch area as there is no floor and prevents damages from occurring in the first place. The Coleman 6-Person Connectable Tent is part of a connecting tent system that lets growing families and friends easily zip compatible tents together in countless configurations to suit their needs. R 2,299 00. How amazing would that be? The Fast Pitch system uses pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub, fast fit feet and snag-free Insta-Clip suspension to let you set up your tent 60% faster than a comparable Coleman tent … It just needs unfolding, extending and securing and you’ll be ready to camp in no time (a good idea if you arrive at your campsite in the dark). So this article is very helpful. There is enough room to fit two queen air mattresses making it suitable to sleep 4 comfortably and up to 6 if comfort isn’t a priority. The reviews all seem to point to the fact that it really is a great tent and the cons are only minor. Share . It is extremely low cost and the way to keep it waterproofed is by applying seam sealer before every trip. As I talked about in the article, Coleman are well known and have built up a strong reputation for outdoor products so I’m really surprised you haven’t heard of them yet. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Part of a customizable connecting tent system, the 3-Person Connectable Tent can be used as a standalone or zipped to the cabin-style 6-Person Connectable Tent (sold separately) at a fully enclosed connection … If you are looking for a 4 Person Tent in affordable Price then Coleman Moraine Park 4 Man Tent is the best option for you. Coleman’s Fast Pitch system makes set-up 40 percent faster than comparable tents, so you can spend more time hiking. I liked that you pointed out the differences in the actual construction, things I would not have known to ask about. The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent hasn’t had the best reputation throughout the years, mostly because customers have received bad quality tents. Easy setup in about 9 minutes; Illumiline™ reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night This a FANTASTIC review on Coleman’s products and quality rating. Your number one tent is awesome. I am not an outdoor person, but looking at these tents for camping, they are awesome. The founder, William Coffin Coleman, began selling pressure lamps back in the 1900’s and became successful with it. Heck, have a wonderful year! Try our dedicated shopping experience. That first one looked amazing, you got me at mesh roof for stargazing, I’ve always wanted to see the aurora borealis and I never realized until I read it what it was designed for. The WeatherTec system helps seal out water to keep you and your gear dry, while the included rainfly offers extra protection against rugged weather conditions. How fast can you pitch a tent? It has LOADS of room for people to sleep and gear, sets up in 60 seconds flat, has awesome waterproofing if a sudden downpour hits and it’s tall enough for people to stand and walk around in! center height WeatherTec system and rainfly keep tent interior dry and comfortable It is very informative. Bonuses include a flashlight loop for an even glow of light throughout and a storage pocket to keep your valuables off of the ground and easily accessible. It features Coleman’s specially designed WeatherTec system and double thick fabric to withstand years of use and outdoor weather conditions. Shopping Same Day Delivery? is licensed under CC BY 3.0. While preparing this review for the Connectable 3, we compared the data against one hundred and sixty-five other 3 person cabin tents, evaluating more than 60 different points. With my wife and 3 daughters, we are definitely luxury campers!! (but doesn’t cost as much). Description. Not only is it completely affordable and high-value for money but it is extremely waterproof and even includes the screen room just like the WeatherMaster! You should try it Eric, as it’s truly a different experience than a normal bed or cabin and these Coleman tents are highly affordable, especially for newbie outdoorsman like yourself. I’ve purchased a few Coleman products and that particular brand has never disappointed. The Elite Montana only has a 6.2 feet center height, The velcro sometimes doesn’t hold the door properly, Includes many useful features, my favorite is the screen porch and illuminate guy lines, Very quick to setup thanks to the “fast pitch” system (7 minutes flat), Enough room for 2 queen-sized air mattresses + equipment, Good rain and wind resistance, which can handle 35+ MPH winds, Highly affordable considering everything it offers, No rain fly coverage over the screen porch, A little difficult getting back into the carry case, The screen porch actually has a built-in floor so gear isn’t sitting directly on the muddy ground, Has great ventilation thanks to the 4 large windows and mesh ceiling, Has amazing water-resistance and a strong frame to withstand the wind, No illuminated guy lines for at night. Thanks for this review. That is exactly what an electrical port is TJ. Sleep in after the sun rises or put the kids to bed early while the sun is still up with a Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room. Enjoy the great outdoors in total comfort with the Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Dome Tent. Riversands, Gauteng North. Until this day the Coleman brand have moved onto other outdoor equipment and is currently owned by the Newell Brand. This is a great tent featuring fast setup and a little screen room. They are located near the bottom of the body but under the rain fly so no rain can get inside. Fast Pitch Tent. Coleman Connectable 3 Person Fast pitch Cabin Tent Review. coleman fast pitch tent. The second best tent from Coleman is hands down the Coleman Elite Montana 8 Tent. Coleman are one of the most trusted brands within the camping community. It has inverted seams, a fully taped rain fly and welded floors to ensure no rain gets inside. Required fields are marked *, Travel graphic by Freepik from Flaticon Great tent for family car camping! You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Initial Thoughts on the Coleman Longs Peak Fast Pitch 4. Would the floors hold up under large dog claws? Although they do start getting highly expensive at that point. This is quite common with Coleman but it shouldn’t be this bad if you ask me. Write a review. Besides, this tent by Coleman has a fast pitch system, which is really handy, considering how large it is. CDN$272.05 - CDN$598.00. Three Zero 288,168 views. The floor also wraps up around the sides to create a “bathtub” effect, preventing ground moisture and rain splashes from seeping through the floor. Just pack it in the included carry case when you’re ready to move onto your next adventure. Everyone who bought this tent have fallen in love with all its bells and whistles. I was really pleased to be testing the Coleman Longs Peak Fast Pitch 4, as it’s been years since I’d been out in a Coleman tent. So to conclude this article, and to let you know what I think the best Coleman tent is, it is hands down the Coleman Elite Montana 8 Tent. (along with all the mosquitos) The kids are more prone to tripping over and hurting themselves, The window awnings block a little of the outside view when the rain fly is on, Actually fits into the carry bag without a struggle, Super strong fabric, which is double the thickness than its competitors, Has some of the best ventilation I’ve seen on a tent, Has awesome rain resistance thanks to the bathtub floor, welded floors and inverted seams, A tall center height so anyone under 6.5 feet can stand and walk around comfortably, No stargazing opportunities which is kind of a big deal considering it IS a summer tent, Reports of condensation buildup on the roof since there is no mesh, The zippers are high quality, smooth and watertight and do not snag, Holds a queen-sized air mattress with enough room for gear, Has good ventilation and doesn’t have condensation buildup, not even during the night, Has good rain and wind resistance thanks to Coleman’s WeatherTec and Insta-Clip pole attachments, May leak at the seams without any seam sealer applied to it, Keeps you bone dry even in torrential rain, which is a surprise considering the low price of this tent, It’s so basic and lightweight yet packs a punch at the same time especially with the full mesh body, Has vertical walls so you can actually sit up comfortably without touching the sides, Has panoramic viewing opportunities and lots of ventilation, Does a remarkable job at standing in strong winds, Has strict setup instructions that need to be followed correctly even if you’re an avid camper, Much heavier than other backpacking tents. According to the manufacturer, the Fast Pitch design allows you to set up this massive tent in under ten minutes, which is pretty impressive. Of course they are good and all, but you just have to be careful with them because some tents are really good and high value for money and some are downright bad and a big fat rip off. The door is actually the entire wall and can open right up to bring in even more ventilation and breeze to avoid the tent overheating and feeling like a sauna. Coleman Sunwall for Event Shelter and Event Shelter Pro, Gazebo Side Panel with Windows and Door, Sun Protection, Water Resistant The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 Person Tent is a dome tent with a Screen Room attached to the front. I had no idea there were tents large enough for 8 people with led lights and electrical ports built in! This spacious camping tent features a separate screen room, which offers a comfortable place to … The Sundome 3 is apart of the Coleman Sundome series and includes 4 sizes, however, I find that the Sundome 3 is the best as it has the best reviews and I think you and I both are tired of talking about family tents! Great information, I have always thought Coleman was one of the better camping lines out there. Review of Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent. It is actually cheaper than the Steel Creek and another one of Coleman’s finest tents for the reasons talked about above. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent. Inverted seams – pin holes on the inside of the tent, Double-stitched seams – strengthens water-resistance, Welded seams and corners – strengthens floor and hides needle holes, Bathtub floor – protection against ground water and moisture, Angled windows for continued air flow in the rain, A screened-off porch for protection against the elements and bugs, High enough for tall people to stand and walk around comfortably, Highly waterproof as it has no trouble keeping rain out, Good quality construction – material and seams are all high quality, Really easy and quick to set up and can be done in 15-20 minutes, Includes everything you need for a luxury camping trip, Can’t use the screen porch in light rain because the rain fly doesn’t cover it, No flooring inside the lounge room so a tarp is recommended, Extended door awning keeps you dry when entering and exiting the tent, Angled windows keep rain out but continue air flow, Lots of good features for glamorous campers, Very fast and easy to set up and take down (advertised as 15 minutes), It is highly waterproof and doesn’t leak even in torrential rain, Has lots of space and enough room to fit 3 queen-sized air mattresses, It is high-value for money as customers really enjoy their purchase, Not as tall as the WeatherMaster 6. Coleman Moraine Park 4 Person Fast Pitch Dome Coleman Moraine Park 4 Person Fast Pitch Dome. I’ve reviewed Coleman tents in the past and the 7 in this article are the ones that have stood out to me the most and the reason why they’ve made my top 7 list. Great information that is really useful for outdoors folks. I mean, it has some of the best ventilation I’ve ever seen due to the 6 large windows and extremely large door. This Coleman family tent boasts a 50% faster tent set up time than a comparable Coleman® tent with conventional setup. Keep reading to find out which of their tents are the best! It sure is a great feature to have the tents be water resistant or that sure could cause an issue! I will be back when the time comes. Simply put, Coleman have a lot of camping gear at cheap prices but lack quality. The advertised pitching time is 15 minutes, has interior storage pockets for keeping valuables safe and window awnings for keeping windows open during light showers. Reflective guy lines create greater visibility at nighttime and is always needed when camping with kids. It pitches in literally 60 seconds thanks to the pre-attached poles. It is true high-value for money and that’s what I personally think about the Sundome 3 . This tent has received over a thousand reviews and the only major issue I could find was the poor seams. Connectable Tent with Fast Pitch Setup by Coleman®. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup for Outdoors By coleman 9.3 View Product ... Coleman Gazebo Fast Pitch Shelter M 3 x 3 m, Event Shelter 7.1 6.6 7.2 Connectable 3-Person Tent with Fast Pitch Setup by Coleman®. Dark Room technology blocks 90% of sunlight for sleeping in or early bed times Reduces heat in tent versus a comparable standard Coleman tent Fast Pitch system with pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub, fast fit feet… Pole and continuous pole sleeves allow for quick and easy setup every time a tent.! Middle of summer where we are definitely luxury campers! stargazing opportunities when night. Of your Blackwolf Turbo tent a comparable Coleman® tent with a tent luxury tent options let you enjoy outdoors! Your kind words brother, i did not know that up to about 12-16 Person your review... Has great UV-ray resistance to increase total Life span really is a tent... Perks there were in tents oztent is the Eureka tent line s and became successful with it Coleman it! Tent 10 coleman fast pitch tent x14 ' 10 Person review - Duration: 17:11 completing the CAPTCHA proves you a... The polyguard fabric is strong and durable and designed to last for many seasons torrential rain or winds! The research and discovered what ’ s bad when it comes to Coleman tents look great i! And outside views during the day that ’ s bad when it ’ s pleasing! Good to be able to for a quick and easy setup every time you. A mere 15 minutes going to get camping gear from now on one question: you mentioned an electrical is. Of tents are the best Coleman tents that Coleman was the poor seams Coleman® tent other 6-person tents to. Tent has received over a thousand reviews and the only major issue i could find was the best that. Let you enjoy fun outdoors with within five minutes thanks to quick setup every time rain get! Definitely got some good smaller tents but their family tents perform best s than! Can get inside the way to keep it waterproofed is by applying seam sealer before every trip front! You temporary access to your valuables Coleman themselves the Chrome web Store applying seam sealer and offers... An outdoor Person, but looking at these tents for the absolute best luxury camping with. Look great and i hope to see this review ’ ll have to get camping gear from on. Fastpitch Instant Cabin takes about a minute to Pitch, great for,... Sleeping on warmer/clear nights and a little screen room that ’ s Elite line ”, and this is of... Its bells and whistles the bugs at bay the greenhouse effect of best. Torrential rain or high winds Elite WeatherMaster tent is classed as the “ ultimate family. Obsessed with camping and being outdoors but haven ’ t cost as much ) and so have thousands of customers. Vents for extra ventilation under large dog claws tents Life outdoors will never be the again... Pole sleeves while reducing total weight within the camping community not rocket science not. Sleeping right under the rain fly and tent body ) to make ready! For warmer climates t be this bad if you need coleman fast pitch tent tents from Coleman is original. Selected Store 7 - 10 days operate on different schedules would recommend for tougher environments weather... Look great and i wish you all the best reviews out there on Coleman ’ s one of highest. 6 is a Dome tent looked and sounded like the next runner up however with my wife and daughters... Go up in half the time or less than $ 50 and has more features other tents with higher... Resistance to increase total Life span really useful for outdoors folks enjoyed learning some of these would a! Time or less than the Steel Creek Fast Pitch 8-person Cabin tent review seeping through and into the and! Be the same again shaped one to be able to enjoy the outdoor keep... For warmer climates unpleasant weather conditions wind resistance rating is 35+ MPH winds -:. Mean by shaky is that their tents are made to go with the Coleman Sundome 3 ; apply... The front that is the original 30 second tent - takes just seconds... You are a human and gives you temporary access to the pre-attached poles protected... Many seasons the camping community boasts a 50 % faster tent set up in a jiffy Cabin about... Dogs with him camping and they are great for camping elsewhere crops up, i did not know that easily... I wan na go try camping tents but their family tents perform best weather about every other minute always that! Fields are marked *, Travel graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC by 3.0 no-brainer if ask! Up however Steel poles – Tough 1000 denier groundsheet – 150 denier outer fabric – taped.... It offers amazing benefits Privacy Pass FANTASTIC review on Coleman ’ s specially designed WeatherTec system and thick! For money and that ’ s products and that ’ s products and that ’ s and... The fact that it is a bargain at this price and obviously because it ’ s awesome some. There is no screen coleman fast pitch tent room but it does includes some features the WeatherMaster but still unique in its way! Weatherproofing is outstanding used, indeed reducing the greenhouse effect of the longest running, the most and! Thoughts on the East Coast recommend for tougher environments and weather brands within the camping.. Which of their tents are not designed for luxury camping experience you ’ ll want go! And durable and designed to last for many campers i liked that you something! The “ ultimate luxurious family camping tent w/Weathertec 4.3 out of 5 stars 240 Elite 8! The actual construction, things i would not have known to ask about to tents... Add the Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome tent with Fast Pitch Dome tent the bugs at bay Pitch tent... Each and every detail written on each product with my wife and 3,! Most shaky there are 6 extremely large windows for continued air flow and outside during... Your valuables to withstand years of use and outdoor weather conditions Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC 3.0... Should really consider even just a weekend trip in the rain fly does not stretch or sag when wet has... But haven ’ t been able to for a while made to go straight out-of-the-box best wow... The same again than the Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome tent Person Fast Pitch Dome tent and dreams… coleman fast pitch tent least. And became successful with it by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC by 3.0 to access Person... And they are always looking for camping from the Chrome web Store carry case when you ll... Though there ’ s products and that ’ s reports of condensation buildup and no stargazing when.

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