For instance a particular polythylene molecule with \(DP = 1000\) will have a molecular weight of 28,000. The term polymer is defined as very large molecules having high molecular mass. Actual number of mole of repeating unit = 0.4272g / 282 g mol-1 = 0.0015 mol . the repeating unit in the molecular chain of the material. Table 3 Comparisons between two polymers that produced by different methods . 7. If I got it right, the formula is: [-OC-( CH2)4-CO-NH-(CH2)6-NH-] n+2nH2O. Method to produce polymers. Unlike PET, both nylon fibers are fairly crystalline as spun. Molecular weight of repeating unit = 282 g mol-1. The DIUTHAME(+) mass spectrum of PCL (Figure 4-Hydroxybutyrate (4HB) is produced from 1,4-butanediol by microorganisms such as Dilute solution viscometry study showed that nylon-6 polymer in the nanocomposites has a lower molecular weight than that of neat nylon-6 polymer polymerized with same concentration of the initiator. Calculate the Dp. 7.3 A nylon 6,6 has an average molecular weight of 12,000 g/mol. Recently Viewed Questions of Class 12th chemistry. Compute repeat unit molecular weights (g/mol) for polydimethylsiloxane. 1.008 11 12.0116 14.007 28 15.999 77 Formative assessment I 1. 6.11. Though he had created the first commercially available synthetic fiber and was elected to the National Academy of Science, Carothers suffered from severe mental depression. Molecular weight increases slowly even at high levels of conversion. The filaments are normally drawn to 350–400%. During chain-growth polymerization, high-molecular-weight polymer is formed early during the polymerization, and the polymerization yield, or the percent of monomer converted to polymer, gradually increases with time. weight of repeat unit is equal to molecular weight of the polymer. (See Sec. Q:-Why is BiH3 the strongest reducing agent amongst all the hydrides of Group 15 elements? If the molecular weight of nylon 6 is between 20 000 and 25 000, hot-drawing is used. Molecular weight of Nylon 6 is 15000. The original 'nylon' has a repeating unit of the following composition;-NH