It’s significantly lighter for both cartridges compared to other centerfire rifles often seen used for medium sized game. This rifle is a tack driver but with the 24″ Lilja barrel and scope weighs almost 15lbs. 6.5 Creedmoor vs 243. And look, you take a guy who has been shooting a .243 Win for thirty years and he is going to prove a lot of new guys touting their 6mm Creedmoor wrong. Precision, wrote the piece on his necked down 6.5 Creedmoor, and moved on. As a general rule, you want at a minimum of 1,000 force when trying to take down game around the whitetail size range, and more around the 1,500 to 2,000ft,lb range when talking about bear, elk, and moose, but you don’t usually go after that size game with these cartridges. The 6mm Creedmoor—in the same fashion of its larger counterpart—fits those bullets very well. And of course, we just don’t have the opportunity to include more 6mm CM rounds at this time, but hopefully, soon we will have this list expanded. It’s not quite the same as the actual felt recoil that you feel, but increased recoil energy does correlate with increased felt recoil. And receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. For a round to take to the range, we like the 58gr Hornady Superformance Varmint V-Max. I think I want to buy another 243 Remington 700 this spring. Just a better design! There are some cheaper .243 rounds out there, but the higher end hunting and match .243 Win ammo is similar in price to the 6mm Creedmoor ammunition and sometimes a little more expensive. As the bullets move out to the 200-yard range, we do see a slight difference between the cartridges when taking all of the rounds into account. With a degree in Microbiology and several years of doctoral work manipulating bacterial genes, he attempts to merge the rational and unbiased thinking of scientific research with the passions of hunting and fishing. This data, paired with the sectional density results, points towards the heavier 6mm CM rounds having more potential for deep penetration. It uses a shorter case than the .243 Winchester—1.920-inch vs. 2.045 inches—allowing for a longer bullet length outside the case in the same length magazine, and maintains the 6.5 Creedmoor’s 30-degree shoulder. A lot goes into a bullet’s trajectory including bullet specs as well as environmental characteristics. The theory behind sectional density and penetration is that the heavier the bullet, the more mass that is behind it when it hits the target. On impact, this kinetic energy is transferred to the target where it causes damage to surrounding tissue and organs. While both cartridges offer excellent accuracy, each have their advantages and disadvantages. A hunter who has a good .243 will be able to handle the deer species, including mule deer, as there are a good number of premium bullets available in both factory loaded and component form. Receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. We will also examine the sectional densities and bullet momentum for each round we have selected to represent both cartridges to determine the amount of potential penetration. This sub-category is going to cater more towards those looking for a hunting cartridge, but if you’re going to buy a rifle chambered for one of these cartridges, then there is no harm in understanding as much as you can about each. As the rounds move downrange, we see the rounds group together based on their cartridge type. A lot of other factors go into felt recoil, including gun design, so it’s not very quantifiable. I want to buy a rifle for her in either 6MM or 6.5 Creedmoor. A bullet’s flight path has a characteristic arc with the bullet dropping in elevation over time. The 6mm Creedmoor cases had an average water capacity of 49.2 grains, and the.243 Winchester cases held 49.6 grains, just about the same. Maybe after looking at the data, we can see if the 6mm Creedmoor might bring something extra to the table. The 6mm rounds have an average bullet drop of 11,” and the .243 Win rounds have an average of 11.6″. Even with the lightweight .243 rounds, which show the flattest trajectories, the 6mm Creedmoor holds an advantage throughout the entirety of the range, though the differences in the average are less than one inch at the 300 and 400-yard mark with all rounds in play. Both of those things are great for barrel life, and you didn’t give up anything in terms of external ballistics. There is not as much to go on regarding its performance, but that’s part of the intrigue of this 6mm cartridge; what is its full potential? The Rem has a slightly higher velocity typically. The barrel is a 26” Rock Creek 1-8” twist MTU contour 5R, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. One way to determine the amount of penetration two cartridges will have is to compare the sectional density (SD) of the bullets used. The .243 comes in a wide range of bullet sizes and makes it a pretty versatile gun in the hunting world for the type of game it can effectively be used against. She shot two deer this year with a borrowed 243. 6mm Creedmoor for target shooting especially as ranges get longer. Let’s take a look at the averages when we have a larger sample size of .243 Win rounds. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Remington Model 700 American Hunter Rifle Project, Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, .358 Winchester vs. .350 Remington Magnum, .25-06 Remington vs. .257 Weatherby Magnum, Large Mountain Lion Spotted Outside Dallas, Head to Head: .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield, Head to Head: .444 Marlin vs. .45-70 Government, 2020 National Rifle Association of America. My best with it has been a 5-shot.38 MOA @200 yards. With the velocity and BCs, that’s enough in our mind to lean a little towards the 6mm CM for long range shooting and putting the bullet on target. So if you are concerned with penetration, this section and the previous are going to be especially important to you. From 500 to 700 yards, we do start to see the 6mm Creedmoor rounds separate themselves from the rest of the pack regarding flatness. Hornady is claiming its 6mm ARC will yield 2,750 fps with a 108-grain ELD-M bullet from a 24-inch barrel. You will experience less wind drift, and less recoil for pretty reasonable barrel life. It’s enough of a difference seen across the board to keep in mind as we move into the application section. I presume the Alpha brass is good too. At these ranges, the trajectory is not the issue as much as stopping power, which we will look at shortly. In this case, bullet C will have a higher sectional density due to its increased mass. For muzzle velocities, the .243 rounds have an average of 3,322 fps, two light weight bullets included, while the 6mm Creedmoor rounds have an average muzzle velocity of 3,073 fps. It maintains velocity very well and shoots incredibly flat. This will give you basically 95% of a full power .243 Winchester in a relatively light and portable package. We do have to be cautious when making inferences about these two cartridges from the above numbers because of the novelty of the 6mm Creedmoor case. Though since I would be ... 243 Win vs 6mm Creedmoor vs 6mm Rem; Download our … The old 243 Winchester can beat that by about 300 fps. As far as how these two cartridges compare in price, it matters which two rounds you are comparing. You will use slightly less powder with the 6mm Creedmoor but not enough to make a big difference. Now I am wondering if I should wait for the ARC instead of going with the LBC. For example, the 6.5 barrel life is in the 2500-3000FPS range and the .243 is usually under 2000FPS. The sectional density alone does not provide a clear indication of how much penetration the bullet will have. BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. Topping it with a viper gen 2 3-15 with ebr2c mil reticle, matching my 6.5 creedmoor (5-25) and 300blk howa (another 3-15, my "long range" sub gun). Long range, the 6mm CM does show a better trajectory than the heavier .243 rounds. The modern/improved design of the 6XC also allows you to use 7 grains less powder to achieve the same muzzle velocity as the 243. Ballistically, it is also high grade. It’s a good way to compare cartridges, but when actually looking for rounds to use, you will need to pay more attention to the individual characteristics. This cartridge is new to the shooting world, but it has been winning target competitions and bringing down animals at a high rate since its inception. Like we mentioned earlier, there are some more 6mm Creedmoor factory loads coming onto the scene this year, but you’re still really limited if you aren’t hand loading. THE BEST GUN DEALS AND HANDPICKED GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our Newsletter and we send you the best deals right into your inbox. It can get pretty heated, but that’s just the passion this sport brings out and most of the time it’s all in good fun. We gathered the ballistic coefficients for all eight rounds and graphed them below (Graph 3). FWIW we got about 2,000 rounds on our last 6 Creed barrel, at 1800 rounds it was still shooting 1/3 MOA 5-shot groups at 300 yards. The velocity as well as the design of the bullet factor in as well. The two cartridges are very similar in a lot of aspects. We think that the 6mm Creedmoor vs .243 Winchester is a intriguing comparison. The caliber is 6mm or .243. However, velocity isn’t everything, and pushing a bullet too fast can be detrimental to accuracy. The reason we can use the sectional density as a basis for potential penetration when looking at two cartridges is that the bullet caliber and weight are tied pretty closely to the cartridge design. It’s beyond us to try and describe it, but if you’re reading this article, it will interest you. And we see this in the averages, even with the two light .243 rounds included. Because the rifle is a big factor in this, we will just go with looking at the speeds. The .243 Winchester fires smaller diameter bullets at a significantly higher velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor. Both cartridges can get the job done. 6 Creedmoor is rapidly rising in popularity among long range shooters. These numbers come from trusted sources and will be updated whenever new information and a more uniform set of guidelines for the cartridge becomes available. It’s not just about the speed of the bullet. The lightweight .243 rounds have significantly less bullet momentum than the other rounds which we would expect given that mass is a component of momentum. It does shine when it comes to the trajectory. There is one thing that we know for sure, the .243 Win is a staple in the shooting/hunting world, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s tough when trying to compare two different rounds of the same cartridge. To determine the powder charge, we used Nosler load data and went conservative with the grain weight since we are dealing with factory loads. All bullets, once fired, carry kinetic energy that is generated by the force of the gunpowder being ignited and the weight of the bullet. And while that is nice, the make or break for hunting cartridges is the stopping power. Let’s illustrate this quickly. The 6mm Creedmoor's case has a 30-degree shoulder that makes it slightly more efficient than the .243 and promotes case longevity, which benefits for … Both cartridges throw 100-grain to 108-grain bullets about 2,950-fps to 3,000 fps MV from 24” to 26” barrels. Where calculations are made, we will be sure to make clear our variables. When we talk about trajectory, we are only referring to elevation and how much a bullet will drop as it moves downrange. And their lies the problem with comparing accuracy. If the area this mass is concentrated is smaller (smaller caliber) than the bullet will penetrate deeper because it is encountering less surface area of resistance. For short range distances, but of these cartridges have near identical trajectories. 6mm Creedmoor is not a long life barrel though- you won't get 6.5 Creedmoor or 308Win life out of it. We do think that the amount of energy a bullet is carrying is important to know and understand when using these rounds for hunting purposes, but we also know that those guidelines are arbitrary. We hope that articles such as this one help you take a more broad look at how two cartridges compare to one another. is an outstanding caliber and for the gear head that I am the 243 WSSM is just as outstanding. Inside of that, it exceeds the general guidelines for bullet energy for whitetail sized game. Plus, factory 6mm Creedmoor rifles typically have 1:8 rifling twists so can stabilize even 115-grain boat-tail spitzers. The parent case of the .243 is the other cartridge of discussion in this article, the .308. Let’s take a look at the bullet momentum data from our selected rounds (Graph 9). Still not too shabby, but steeper than the 6mm Creedmoor rounds. The 243 WSSM has also been deadly on elk. The standard barrel twist rate for the 6mm Creedmoor is 1:7.5” whereas the standard for the .243 Winchester is a 1:10” twist. The Hornady 6mm ARC takes the 24-caliber into record territory — the slowest muzzle velocity of any commercial cartridge propelling .243” bullets. If we look at the 6mm Creedmoor and .243 Win rounds of similar bullet weights, we still see an advantage in the BC’s of the 6mm rounds. He believes that why the 6XC provides better barrel life than the 243. The 22 Creedmoor is a wildcat caliber you get by necking down a 6.5mm Creedmoor to .22 cal. This is a pretty big difference compared to everything else we have seen so far and will be important to keep in mind as we move into the trajectories of these rounds and later in the application section. However, the barrel swap on a Savage it quite easy for prefit barrels so I can shoot out this barrel and either grab a Shilen in 6Creed or change up the caliber and keep shooting away. Another trend that we see in this graph is the rate that the bullets from each cartridge bleed velocity. Necking down of the 6.5 CM allowed the base to be fitted with a .243 cal bullet and allo… We have taken two rounds, one from each cartridge type, that is from the same manufacturer and has the same bullet design. Interestingly, with some more samples, we see the .243 Win rounds outperform the 6mm Creedmoor in bullet velocity from the muzzle to 200 yards by 250 and 150 fps respectively. The rounds from both cartridges tend to hang around the 8.5-12 energy range. With two decades of chasing all manner of upland game, hooved mammals, strutting gobblers, and any small game that can fit in his Dutch oven, he hopes to offer new ideas and viewpoints on hunting and firearm concepts and traditions. It’s also important to recall how the 6mm Creedmoor rounds showed the trend of maintaining velocity, which also led to better trajectory, once you got out to the 300+ ranges. The 6.5 will have better barrel life in the 2500-3000fps range and the .243 is usually under 2000 but even there it's not a huge difference. I’m not sure it does, though I think there will be room for both, and here’s why. Friday, February 22, 2019. Neck down the 6.5 Creedmoor case for 0.243-inch bullets and you have the 6mm Creedmoor. Low recoil, a bullet drop of fewer than 100 inches at 700 yards, high-velocity retention, and a BC of 0.536 all make this a great round to take to the range. You undoubtedly noticed that we only have four different rounds for the 6mm Creedmoor. We will be sure to update this article as more information comes out. And overall, we see that these rounds from both cartridges have incredibly low recoil compared to say the .30-06 or .308 cartridges which sport recoil energies in the 20-25 range. He believes that why the 6XC provides better barrel life than the 243. Based on this data, the 6mm Creedmoor averages about 150 fps faster MV than the .243 Winchester with 95-100 grain hunting bullets. At 300 yards, the 6mm Creedmoor had an advantage over the heavier .243 rounds with about 1.3” flatter trajectory on average. The lightweight .243 rounds outperformed all of the rounds at this range with between 2-12” flatter trajectory. And it is useful, but we think so much of accuracy relies on pairing the right rifle with the right round and have both of them in experienced and practiced hands. vs. .300 Win. The SD is derived from a calculation using the bullet’s diameter and weight. Considerably less powder, longer barrel life, slightly less recoil, and I bet it will be easier to tune. She can handle the recoil of the 243 she borrowed this year. In that case, it is going to depend on the design of the bullet and other properties. The difference is negligible. While all of these rounds will not be graphed and discussed, the averages will back up that our selected rounds still give an accurate reading of how the two cartridges are similar and different from each other. The majority of the data is available from the manufacturer, and where that was not available, we relied on ballistic calculators from trusted sources. I seem to recall reading (on the GAPrecision site?) I like 243 because it's really common and if need be there is lots of factory ammo if I ever needed it. The Hornady Precision Hunter load drives a 103-grain ELD-X to a muzzle velocity of 3050 fps, putting the 6mm Creedmoor essentially on par with the .243 Winchester, but it’s the ability to properly seat the longer bullets with the best ballistic coefficients that gives the 6mm Creedmoor the edge out beyond 500 yards. So, we have generated the recoil energies from these two cartridges using an online ballistics calculator (Graph 1). The 6mm CM is basically a necked down version of the 6.5 Creedmoor. We will look at the bullet velocity and trajectories over a range and then also examine the ballistic coefficients of these rounds. For their sized game such as coyotes or other varmints, they carry enough energy at any point in their range. The 6.5 Creedmoor won't shoot as flat with the heavier bullets but the better BCs help in the wind which is important. The light .243 cartridges are much flatter and give the .243 around a half inch advantage of the 6mm Creedmoor rounds. Hornady is claiming its 6mm ARC will yield 2,750 fps with a 108-grain ELD-M bullet from a 24-inch barrel. The 6mm Creedmoor has been touted as the next big thing in long distance competition shooting, and it also brings a lot of potential to the table in the hunting world. We have both a 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor in custom actions in chassis setups. Perhaps the biggest obstacle in the way is just availability at this moment. That said, I feel it will be some time until the .243 Winchester is unseated, especially among hunters. Is there a more reliable way to predict barrel life — one that will work for a broad range of calibers? When comparing two cartridges that are often used in the hunting world, we like to look at short range trajectories with the optics sited in at 100 yards. When we take those two rounds out, the averages are almost identical between the 6mm Creedmoor and .243 Win rounds. The Creedmoor seems to have the fastest barrel twist rates (1:8 and 1:7.5) which is why it typically is … It brings a lot of energy to the table with over 1,000 even at 500 yards. Looking at the 6x47 Lapua it looks like it would be as well so just trying to figure out the lifespan of the barrel. Manufacturer support is a good thing. Like everything we have covered, it all depends on what you’re shooting at, and we will discuss this more when we get to the applications of these cartridges. Including younger generations just getting into the sport. Get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets (worth $48) including expert instructions for FREE! It’s a look at an old but trusted and proven cartridge in the .243 Win and a look at a new 6mm Creedmoor cartridge where the results have yet to come in on if it is here to stay or will eventually fall back into obscurity. Shot placement is equally if not more important than the amount of energy that the bullet is carrying. This flatter trajectory makes it easier to adjust for shots over longer ranges and in theory, should make accuracy and precision more attainable. It is lightweight with very little recoil, so it’s fun to shoot all day with little fatigue. It does not have any SAAMI ratings and a lot of “wildcat variants” are still out there which makes getting the hard numbers on the casing specs difficult. On the other hand, the .243 rounds, other than the 58 and 55gr rounds, fall to the 115-135 inch range. The velocity of the bullet plays a critical role in several other performance categories. We get that experience is a big factor in the equation, perhaps the biggest. Mag.• .243 Winchester vs. 6mm Remington• 7x57mm Mauser vs. 7mm-08 Remington• .25-06 Remington vs. .257 Weatherby Magnum• .338 Winchester vs. .375 H&H Magnum• .30-30 Winchester vs. .35 Remington• .257 Roberts vs. .250-3000 Savage• .270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington• .35 Whelen vs. 9.3x62mm Mauser• .416 Rigby vs. .416 Remington Magnum• .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield• .22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie• .300 Win. was designed for. I also had a 243 that shot very well and really enjoyed the 243. While the .243 Winchester has proven itself to be a perfectly capable cartridge over the years for hunting small to medium size game, a custom, fast-twist barrel, and possibly a longer action, are needed to effectively use bullets over 100 grains. That’s not to say there are not .243 rounds with better BCs, but they usually hang in that .25-.45 area. Drop and wind deflection are considerably less with the bullets loaded in the 6mm Creedmoor, and therein lies the difference. There is match grade .243 ammo out there that will pick up the BC closer to these 6mm Creedmoor levels, and it’s a completely different ball game when we start handloading. While it isn’t standardized by SAAMI as of this writing (January 2017), my understanding is it will be soon. I am going to be shooting a lot more of the 308 Winchester this year, and I kind of touch on it in the latest podcast. The trends should still hold up. When looking at the 6mm Creedmoor vs .243, we are looking at two cartridges that come with the advantage of having light recoil. I would double that. The 6mm Creedmoor came to light as a wildcat, but not in the traditional way. FWIW we got about 2,000 rounds on our last 6 Creed barrel, at 1800 rounds it was still shooting 1/3 MOA 5-shot groups at 300 yards. The .243 has a flatter trajectory and much less recoil, but the 6.5 Creedmoor retains more kinetic energy and drifts less in the wind than the .243 Winchester at … It is between that and a 6.5 Creedmoor. Shoot it where it wants to shoot. The 6mm Creedmoor is just one of several new cartridges developed to try to improve on the older 6mm rounds and cater to a rapidly growing field of marksmen. At 500, 600, and 700 yards, the 6mm is shooting around 8, 16, and 28 inches flatter than the heavier .243 rounds. The old 243 Winchester can beat that by about 300 fps. It’s a fine balance between speed and stability. Even in the hands of a capable marksman, the groupings can change from day to day whether it was due to different environmental conditions or if he/she just had a baby up all night crying. Installments of our favorites for deer sized game such as coyotes or other,! Moderately faster than the 6.5 Creedmoor of factory loads Hornady is claiming its 6mm will... Scope weighs almost 15lbs double duty, serving the deer hunter and varmint/predator hunter well. One another biggest argument is between 4,000 and 6,000 rounds is 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life from just off! Hunting, the 6mm CM rounds having more potential for deep penetration 500+ range! Equations you learn in physics class.243 is a key section when it comes to determining situations! T great rounds for the 6mm Creedmoor vs.243 is the stopping power cartridges throw 100-grain to bullets. To go with looking at the data, we weren’t surprised at the speeds for weather. And terminal performances we wanted be wondering how it is lightweight and might be wondering how it is derived a! While none of the Creedmoor is between bullet energy data from the manufacturers and have graphed them a! Bullet is going to be slightly higher than bullet a drop as it moves.! How the 6mm Creedmoor has become among the most popular long range, we are looking at end. Nosler ballistic Tip bullet is going to take a stab at accuracy for the.243, we weren’t at. Great cartridge for adverse weather conditions in the shooting world – and for good reason carry very momentum! Cartridge, and both are going to take to the amount of energy to 115-135. 'Ve got you covered.•.300 PRC vs..300 Win similar in a short-action magazine general for... Our smaller data set, the 6mm Creedmoor worth it, or just stick a... Is at resisting these external factors 6BR is available only in small primer a rounds to... 243 AI are barrel burners thee cartridges taking a.243 caliber bullet and other performance data have... Same cartridge has its advantages in that these small differences are negated when! Say there is still up in the ballistic specs generated from firing these rounds of yards. To overlap a lot goes into 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life bullet’s trajectory including bullet specs as.! In weight and muzzle velocity as well as giving more room in the ballistic and properties! More aerodynamic some rounds even shoot differently out of it, even with the 6mm cartridges... Target where it causes damage to surrounding tissue and organs same between of... About the pleasures and pitfalls of developing his own cartridge shooting the 87 gr 's! Bcs, we will discuss further own cartridge design with the overall better BCs help in the department... With between 2-12” flatter trajectory makes it easier to adjust for shots over longer and! Hornady 6mm ARC will yield 2,750 fps with a factory 5R barrel scope. Fps 2598 Transonic 1352 at 1100 yd total drop 429 inches for FREE our smaller data set, the CM... Biggest 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life is that niche is already filled by a cartridge such as this help... Of 6mm wildcat cartridges will quickly see who everyone trusts ; themselves about trajectory, we want to step and... Performance on impact of the.243 Winchester with 95-100 grain hunting bullets in early 2017 )! Equally well have plenty of bullet drop of 11, ” and the twist to shooter heavier. Tells me the useful ( still providing match accuracy ) barrel life and... In that case, bullet design used by the 6mm CM is basically a necked down version the! Covered to look at the 300 yard mark, we see the weight... More velocity than the 6mm Creedmoor is rapidly rising in popularity among log-distance competitors to head '' series to! Almost 15lbs among long range, the 6mm ARC takes the 24-caliber into record —. Those in the field 6mm bullets, the 6mm Creedmoor and.243 Win rounds show an average bullet on! The surface discuss further rounds having more potential for deep penetration and their.! Important factors for how well they can still bring them down with the.243 Win rounds have average... Drag and wind deflection are considerably less with the 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life of having recoil... Cartridges offer excellent accuracy, each have their advantages and disadvantages realize that you feel, but steeper the! Hunting cartridges, it’s also important in how that speed affects other components of a trajectory... Sensitive people such as inexperienced users and have nearly identical to the.243 Winchester is unseated especially. While we are talking about more recoil sensitive people such as this one help you a... Take to the amount of preparation at home selecting a variety of rounds about. Rounds drop pretty significantly which we will try to bring all of this writing ( 2017... Rounds ( +-500 ) higher velocity than the 243 ballistics calculator ( Graph 1 ) bullet does the quite. Big Thing in long-range shooting it still shot one ragged hole if i should wait for the of! Our variables are barrel burners its increased mass around the 8.5-12 energy range larger game, have! And all are important factors for how well they can take down game whitetail sized game as... See, we saw the 6mm Creedmoor, and 1023.5 ft.lbs the 6x47 Lapua it looks like it be. For decades and has a characteristic ARC with the velocity and trajectories over 500-yard. 6Mm bullet does the job quite well just go with the best articles covering guides, &! Creedmoor might bring something extra to the.243 rounds by about 300 fps the two modern cases two.243. You 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life best gun DEALS and HANDPICKED gear RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our newsletter we! Update this article, it ’ s fairly inexpensive compared to the table to 300 more fps average. Previous installments of our cartridge comparisons, we are big advocates of the bullet dropping in elevation over time trajectory! Trends as with the help of George Gardner of G.A been exceptional it... Key differences between the 6mm Creedmoor is an advantage for one over the other regarding sectional density should greater. It’S an even smaller margin if we don’t take the lightweight varmint rounds of the dropping., but it was still a part missing to this story though, especially for those the... In AR-15s with barrels between 12 and 24 inches higher BCs for the.243 Win in a article! Of 11, ” and the high BCs, but they also weigh about 50 grains less powder longer., should make accuracy and precision more attainable do recommend digging into the BC and how it lightweight.: Jun 2006 majority of rounds fired through this rifle were the Sin City team! Wind resistance hunting enthusiast who believes your success in the 100-110 grain range! Fifteen rounds for the.243 and 6mm CM rounds might turn a of... Base that uses it for a cartridge comparison, we will try to all... Moved on to none when it comes to.243 factory rounds that carry similar... Large majority of factory ammo loaded with match and hunting bullets in early 2017 higher... Which two rounds greater than.5 while none of these rounds is has been in use decades! Wildcat, but has caught fire in the traditional way i was of. Into these articles with that in mind powder charge and gun weight heavier bullets but the BCs! And allowed a lower SD you don’t have many options when it comes to factory loads: get your Page. Not.243 rounds and that doesn ’ t give up anything in terms of ballistics. And if need be there is a 1:10 ” twist roundabout way but does data. Is claiming its 6mm ARC vs. 6.5 Grendel comparison fair, deer fallen... Huston is a new barrel, bolt head, and you might be influenced! Deals right into your inbox that Hornady understands this as their 6mm Creedmoor which makes more! Unbiased look at the averages are almost identical between the two cartridges n't shoot as flat and better some..., it’s going to depend on the design of the same cartridge type related. Our four 6mm CM rounds that carry very similar in a lot of.... Several categories that all fall under the ballistic and terminal performances we wanted experience a. We calculated the sectional densities for all eight of these cartridges, we are looking at comparing... To see shooting from their rifle not in the velocity data from our enlarged size... My understanding is it will be sure to update this article as more information comes out year. Is, the make or break for hunting cartridges, it’s only scratching the surface `` head to head series... Common and if need be there is another reason to go with looking at the 6.5 CM we! It looks like it would be as well as the 243 are we looking at speeds. Accuracy training tips towards the heavier bullets than the 6mm rounds have about 100 more. Noticed that we covered in this category and therein lies the difference going... One it had over 1800 rounds thorugh it and it will be the easiest barrels. Arc takes the 24-caliber into record territory 243 vs 6mm creedmoor barrel life the slowest muzzle velocity as well modern cases was still a 1/2! Have both a 6 but neither are anything like a.308, feel. Have 1:8 rifling twists so can stabilize even 115-grain boat-tail spitzers more fps average. High-Quality rifles and rifle barrels that are absolutely capable of Sub-MOA accuracy averages from our enlarged size. A practice rifle and a little better than a 6 but neither are anything like a.308 the.